underneath view

The plate coming down from behind the bumper valance also bolts to the rear of the body behind the bumper.

Sorry, but I was too lazy to remove the bumper so you could see it more clearly. <g> Refer to reardiag.html or sidediag.html for more detail.

side view

If you're planning on doing a lot of towing or with a heavy load, others have suggested continuing the receiver to a point forward of the spare tire well and adding another mounting plate similar to this one.

Bob Koby has some excellent advice if you're plannig on doing that. Heck, it's good reading even if you're not planning to reinforce your hitch.

FWIW, I have done no reinforcements yet, but I can see the falue of doing so.

trimming... oh no!!!

You might have heard about all the "trimming" of the rear valance that's required. This is it -- a strip about 1/8" by about 3"

Or, if you have a total aversion to trimming *anything* on your Bimmer, Keith Battan has kindly furnished part numbers for an M Technic valance panel that is removable.

tire well

This is the reinforcing plate (part #1397) in the spare tire well. I used silicone sealer around all the bolts and washers as a precaution against leaks.

There is another backing plate (see reardiag.html) inside the well against the inside wall behind the bumper.


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