Tunnell RacingTech Tips

I try to do as little work on our race and street cars as possible, but occasionally it is inevitable. I've started to compile a few helpful hints for others.

Feel free to share these with others. And send me your own Tech Tips and I'll post them here, too.

Most of these tips apply to E36 BMW's but many of them will apply to other BMW's as well.

- How to safely secure your E36 BMW to your trailer (also for E46 BMW's, Boxters, Corvettes, and many others)

- R&R the Trailing Arm Bushings on an E36 BMW

- Install new brake pads/rotors on an E36 BMW

- Install a cat-back exhaust on an E36 BMW

- A spreadsheet for calculating mph at various rpm's <download> (helpful when purchasing new tires or installing a new diff ratio)