Instructions for using T-Hooks -- Read Everything!!
(A set of these instructions wll be included with each set of T-Hooks purchased)

Look under the side of vehicle at each jack point trim panel cover and find the vehicle lifting pad. Remove the pad by prying it off with a screwdriver*. Above these pads are slots (holes) in the chassis--the "T-hook" fittings. Place the pads in the trunk and reinstall after you're finished towing, if you like. (*On some cars, such as Z3 Coupes, the pads are held in place by two Phillips screws.)

>> If you are securing the car to the trailer by tiedowns or ratchet straps at all four corners, follow steps A1, A2, and A3. (This is the preferred method.)

A1 - Insert a T-hook into one of the front fittings.

A2 - Attach one end of a suitable tiedown or ratchet strap to the T-hook and the other end to the tiedown point on the opposite side of the front of the trailer.

A3 - Repeat for the other three T-hook locations so that the front and rear of the car are secured cross-wise at each end for added stability.

>>If you are securing the car to the trailer by a center attachment point (such as a winch cable) in the front or rear, follow B1, B2, and B3. (This method should only be used on one end of the car. The other end should be secured by method "A" above.)

B1 - Prepare a chain exactly six (6) feet long with a T-hook secured to each end. (A shorter or longer chain may cause vehicle damage.)

B2 - Insert the T-hooks on either end of the chain into the front fittings.

B3 - Attach the winch cable to the center point of the chain and secure the car to the trailer.


Regardless of the method you use, these two things are critical:

1) Check the T-hooks at the fittings continually as the car is being secured. Make sure the T-hooks are being pulled inward sufficiently to prevent them from falling out of their fittings.

2) Never--ever--leave slack in your tiedown straps or chains. Any slack left in a tiedown may allow the T-hook to rotate slightly and fall out of its fitting.

Note: Some tiedown and ratchet straps have a 90-degree twist at the hook which may contact the gas tank (this is bad!). One way to solve this is to install a link between the T-hook and the strap hook to rotate the hook away from the gas tank. I've included two of these links with the hooks. If you need more they are available from most large hardware stores. (See photo below.)

Final Note: T-hooks are the only method authorized by BMW for securing an E36 chassis to a trailer or flatbed and much of these instructions were copied directly from their 1992 Service Card Towing Instruction manual. However, the final responsibility for the suitability of these T-hooks and their proper use is up to you. Use at your own risk.